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When it comes to the menopause, Hemp products have been a total game changer for me. As an all-natural solution to many menopausal symptoms I thank the gods of nature and the universe for it!

A couple of years ago, my menopause started, and it has been hell. The hot flashes seemed relentless, leaving me drenched in sweat day and night. My energy levels plummeted, and I found it increasingly difficult to manage mood swings and sleep disturbances. Frustration and confusion consumed me as I wondered why my mother hadn’t prepared me for this challenging phase of life. How did she and her peers cope?

In this blog post, I invite you to join me on my journey with hemp for menopause. We’ll explore the science behind its effectiveness, the different forms it comes in, and the specific benefits it provides. I’ll share my personal experiences, tips, and recommendations to help you navigate this transformative stage of life with greater ease and well-being.

Tea for Menopause symptoms

There are 48 symptoms of menopause and I seem to have had the full gamut of the beast – mind fog, inability to fall asleep and when I do, I inevitably wake for a 3am toilet trip and then my racing brain refuses to shut down again for hours. I then suffered exhaustion, burning, sweating, massively embarrassing hot flushes at the most inappropriate moments. Not to mention itchy beneath the skin a lot of the time. But worse of all, anxiety like I’ve never known.

I know I’m not the only one. That’s why I want to write so frankly and openly, especially as half the population will endure at least one of the 48 symptoms.

HRT has helped, but it’s only taken the edge off. I attended a menopause workshop recently, where there was an angel, well a woman actually, handing out cups of Hemp Infused Tea. At first, I just thought “well, this is totally delicious, but it’s only tea”. However, for the rest of the afternoon I felt so much more mellow than I had for ages, and the feeling lingered into the evening. The Hemp had certainly calmed the menopausal anxiety.

Which other symptoms did Hemp Tea help with?

Which other symptoms did the Hemp Tea help with?
Well, that was one symptom dealt with…let’s see how Hemp tackles the rest. I invested in a packet and started having a cup, every day before bed – the flavour I chose was naturally low in caffeine (Cleansing Blossom). Evening after evening, I felt a deal more relaxed and whilst it didn’t make me sleepy, I found that I dropped off much more readily. I still woke at 3am, but the racing brain was quieter, and I was able to get back into dreamworld more quickly. And when I worked out that it was actually less than £1 per cup, the indulgence suddenly felt like a total bargain.

Hemp tea for menopause

Cleansing Blossom Tea


Fruit Tea


Black Mango Tea


Vibrant lemon tea


Hemp Oil for menopause-related issues

Despite the efficacy of the Hemp Tea, the foggy brain and struggle to focus at points through the day remained, so I arranged a consultation with Kate at The Tonic (the angel I mentioned previously). She recommended the 8% Hemp Oil and whilst I was a little skeptical at first – I don’t really hold with food supplements or vitamins – I was prepared to give it a go. What can I say, it was fabulous. Really, really, really fabulous. I can concentrate at work again, I don’t feel so stressed out all of the time, and some of the other horrid menopause symptoms have gone too.

Apparently, it works by leveling out hormonal imbalances, it reduces internal inflammation and calms the nervous system. Well, it worked for me, so much so, that I don’t have a cuppa every night anymore because I find the oil is enough. However, for those especially trying days, I keep some tea on hand for a special treat. Given how well the oil and tea have worked for me, I’ve tried some of the other Tonic products. Aches and pains, particularly in my lower back have been another gift of the menopause – annoying and at times seriously quite debilitating. I have found using a Hemp Patch on those to be effective. They seem to last for ages (over a day or two) even after a shower or swim. Finding Hemp products has felt like total magic to me, and I just want to share its fabulousness with everyone I know.

Hemp Oil for menopause

3% Enhanced oil


8% classic oil

From £47.99

25% strenght oil


4% Water Soluble

from £47.99

8% water soluble


Menopause bundle




This bundle is our Midlife Maintenance kit! Menopausal symptoms are our focus here – find some relief.


  • 8% Classic Oil, 10ml
  • Cleansing Blossom Tea

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