High-Strength Hemp Patches



Pack of 30 x 30mg hemp patches, ideal substitute to hemp oil and vape

  • Contains: 30 x 30mg hemp per patch
  • Long Lasting: Effective for up to 36 hours
  • Easy to Apply: Simply press the patch onto the skin for 5 seconds
  • Effective: Transdermal hemp offers high bioavailability and a continuous, steady stream of hemp maximising efficacy
  • Safe: This product is safe for adults and children.
  • Organic: 100% organic hemp and Vegan Society approved



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What do people say?


About 15mg hemp patches

Have really helped with my depression and anxiety. Helping me to stay a calmer through the tough days.


About 30mg hemp patches

I brought these for my husband, he has chronic lower back pain. They are easy to use, discreet and they stay in place well, even after bathing.


About 30mg hemp patches

Brilliant for back pain but so good for when I’m feeling a bit anxious or sad. You don’t really notice it until suddenly you realise you feel better.

Satisfaction Promise

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The Tonic Hemp patches have a high absorption rate as it bypasses the digestive system and is directed straight into the blood stream. There are many benefits to having a steady stream of hemp entering your system over a 24 to 36 hour period of time, as opposed to 1 intense dose taken orally once or twice a day.

As well as the hemp working its usual magic, you can also target specific areas of the body that may be experiencing discomfort, by positioning the patch directly on it.


The hemp is gradually absorbed by the skin over a 24 to 36 hour period, so you’ll benefit from the effects all day and night.


Each pack contains 30x 15mg hemp topical patches. Each hemp patch contains 15mg hemp from organically cultivated hemp and 0% THC. 15mg of hemp is a good amount of a daily dose for general wellbeing. The results may vary from person to person.


  • Apply the patch to a clean, dry and hair-free area of skin, either on the upper arm, chest or back, avoiding oily, scarred or cut/grazed areas
  • You can also apply directly to specific areas of the body where you may be experiencing issues or discomfort.
  • Press down for a few seconds, ensuring it’s fully adhered
  • The faint blue pattern will fade as the hemp is absorbed into the skin
  • Remove after 1 to 2 days
  • Try not to wear when in the shower or bath immiedately after applying as this can compromise adhesion and efficacy