The Power of Tea for Sleep

Discover the Secret Ingredient for a Restful Night

In our fast-paced world, a restful night’s sleep is often elusive. While there are numerous remedies to encourage sleep, the comforting ritual of sipping a warm cup of tea has stood the test of time. But what if there was a way to boost the calming properties of your evening brew? Enter hemp – your secret weapon in the quest for quality sleep.

Why is tea good for sleep?

Tea has long been cherished for its relaxing properties, particularly herbal varieties such as chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm. These teas are naturally caffeine-free and contain compounds that can promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. They are also believed to work as mild sedatives, making them perfect for winding down in the evening. A warm cup of tea not only offers these potential benefits but also serves as a soothing bedtime ritual, signaling to your body that it’s time to sleep.

Benefits of hemp tea for sleep

While traditional herbal teas can help promote relaxation and sleep, hemp takes this a step further. Here’s why:

  1. Rich in Beneficial Compounds: Hemp is packed with natural compounds known to interact positively with your body’s systems, potentially aiding sleep regulation.

  2. Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Hemp is renowned for its potential to alleviate stress and anxiety, setting the stage for a calm, peaceful night.

  3. Sleep Cycle Regulation: If you’re looking for more regular sleep patterns, hemp could be just the ticket. It’s thought to support the body’s sleep-wake cycle, promoting consistency and healthier sleep patterns.

  4. Physical Relaxation: Hemp’s properties may help ease muscle tension and promote physical relaxation, making it easier for you to drift off to sleep.

  5. Safe and Non-Habit Forming: Unlike some sleep aids, hemp offers a balanced approach to sleep improvement without the risk of dependency.

Combining the soothing ritual of drinking tea with the potent benefits of hemp creates a powerful, natural sleep aid. So why not try a cup of our Hemp Tea? It’s time to turn your dream of a perfect night’s sleep into reality.


How often should you drink hemp tea?

While there is no single, correct answer to this, we feel as little as one cup a day is enough to start feeling the benefits after a few weeks.

Hemp Tea for Sleep

Fruit Tea


Vibrant lemon tea


Cleansing Blossom Tea


Black Mango Tea


Be warned

While numerous brands offer teas with raw hemp, these often contain minuscule levels of beneficial compounds and can leave much to be desired in terms of taste. As you search for the ideal hemp tea, it’s essential to be discerning. At Tonic Tribe, we take a different approach. Our hemp tea not only excels in quality and efficacy but also delights the taste buds! We’ve carefully crafted blends with ingredients like mango, jasmine, banana, papaya, licorice, and cinnamon, achieving unmatched flavor profiles. With our hemp tea, you can enjoy the benefits of hemp in a delicious, satisfying brew.

What do people say?


About Fruit Tea

This one is truly caffeine-free. Lovely fresh taste, strong enough to feel I've drinking something but not overpowering. A real treat a few times a week. Can't decide whether the relaxing benefits are the ritual or the tea but either way I'm a happy repeat customer.


About Fruit Tea

My favourite tea ever. The smell, the taste, the health benefits... I love everything about it. Try it, cannot recommend it enough.


About Lemon Tea

My tea is my lifeline and the vibrant lemon my favourite tipple. The rich green tea with lemon peel & lemongrass is as described, a cup of sunshine.

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